Adult Learners Week: Alexandra Mineham

Adult Learners Week: Alexandra Mineham

Last but no means least in our Adult Learners series, we caught up with Alexandra Mineham, one of our mature students who is due to graduate from Textiles and Surface Design in July. Before joining us at CCAD Hartlepool Alexandra studied the Access to HE course at Green Lane to get on track in starting her creative career and cross that bridge to Higher Education. After completing her BA(hons) Degree with us, Alexandra is heading to the Royal College of Art in London to study a Masters degree in Print.

Our Access to HE course is designed to give opportunities for those returning to education or mature students, to achieve a higher education qualification. On the course, a huge variety of subjects are covered which lets the students delve into any creative platform they choose. This year on the course, we have mature students experimenting with games design and concept art, fashion and costume and so many more areas. So if you’ve been looking to follow your initial career dream in a creative subject but simply don’t know where to start or have the qualifications and knowledge to jump straight into degree level, then don’t hesitate to check out this course here.

We chatted to Alexandra below!

Can you tell us some advice you would someone who wanted to get into creative education?

Go for it! Starting my creative education was the best thing I ever did and has given me so much confidence in my abilities.

How did the Access to HE course help you to further your creative career?

The Access course helped me further my creative career because it gave me my confidence back and equipped me with skills that I know will follow me throughout my life, such as speaking to others about my work and being able to convey my ideas to an audience.

How did you find out about the course?

I found out about the Access course when I rang the college up. I actually went to Green Lane after leaving school to do the Fine Art BTEC, but it just wasn’t the right time for me and I left after my first year. I hadn’t been in education for a few years when I rang the college up to enquire about coming back and I was told to have a look at the Access course and maybe apply.

Are you glad you came to CCAD?

I am so glad I came back to CCAD as it’s a really supportive and friendly environment. I felt very safe and if I ever had a problem I knew my tutors as well student support was always there.

What are your plans for after graduating?

I have been offered a place at the Royal College of Art in London to do my MA in Print. After that I would like to be a working artist and maybe do some teaching at degree level.

Did you have any apprehension before starting the access course?

I was a bit nervous before starting the Access course, as I hadn’t been in education in a while and I was worried about what the other students would be like and if I could handle the course. I needn’t have worried though, because everyone was really nice and accepting.

How do you feel you settled into the course?

I think I settled into the course really well due to the support from my tutors Amanda and Sara. CCAD as a whole has such a lovely and welcoming atmosphere about it that it was so easy to feel comfortable and relaxed, and if I ever needed support I felt I could go to any staff member and they would help me.


 Thank you so much to Alexandra for the interview, if you’d like any more information on our Access to HE course please head to the website here or contact our Middlesbrough Campus 01642 288000 and have a chat with our Recruitment Team